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"A Fire Shall Be Woken" (21/?) PG-13 [Apr. 29th, 2008|06:36 pm]
From The Ashes


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Title: A Fire Shall Be Woken
Series: From The Ashes
Rating: PG-13
Timeframe: second season AU
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Anna Winchester, Sarah Blake, Missouri Mosely, others
Genre: action/adventure, suspense, angst, romance
Keywords: Dean/Anna (OC), Sam/Sarah
Summary: Dean and Anna are about to become parents. Can they juggle hunting and a new family? AU second season. Third in series. Previous are Castles Crumble and Crossroads.
Author Notes: Characters from "Supernatural" don't belong to me and they're not used with permission. Any other fictitious characters, especially Anna Ellsworth Winchester, are mine.

Previous Chapters

--Chapter Twenty-One--

Next morning, Anna was talking on the phone with Ellen, checking on the baby, while the other three discussed the job.

"I'm not really sure-"

A scream and a thud from the kitchen interrupted Dean. He, Sam, and Jo turned to see Anna on the floor, stuck up to her thighs in the wall vent.

"What the?" her husband exclaimed.

"Get me out of here!" she demanded and slapped the floor.

Jo retrieved Anna's cell and handed it to Sam, who reassured the understandably concerned Ellen. He frowned at Jo, who just shook her head.

Dean grabbed Anna under the arms and yanked. Pulling her out wasn't the easiest thing in the world, and she was swearing profusely before he had her free.

She leaned against the counter and rubbed at her offended legs. "I was just standing there, and the vent suddenly popped off and these really nasty hands reached out and grabbed my ankles. If Eugene Tooms hadn't given me nightmares about vents, that sure will."

"Yeah, Ellen, we're fine," Sam was saying.

Dean raised an eyebrow at his wife, looking at her quizzically. "You okay? Guess he took the bait."

"Not that you were paying attention," she snapped. "Not that he could actually abduct me. 'Cause I'm fat. And you know why I'm fat? Because I had your baby."

She stomped out of the room. Dean stared at her with his mouth hanging open. "Wait just a minute!" he exploded, and ran after her.

Sam looked at Jo. "They're, uh, gonna need a little bit."

While Dean and Anna had their argument--which would, in Sam's estimation, be followed by make-up sex--Sam and Jo made themselves scarce. It had occured to him that the space between the interior apartment wall and the outside warehouse wall was rather large, possibly enough for a human, so he left a note for his brother and went off to investigate.

They decided to split up, Jo going one way while Sam went the other, and the communicated through their cells.

"These are like hidden tunnels," Jo said, sounding fascinated. "It's creepy, but kind of cool."

And then she started to scream.

By the time he got to where she'd been, all he found was black ectoplasm and her dropped cellphone. He closed it and pocketed the device, face grim. This wasn't going to be fun explaining to Dean, let alone Ellen.

When he got back to the apartment, he found his brother and sister-in-law seated at the table, going over blueprints. Dean looked up when Sam walked in.

"Hey," the elder Winchester said.

A moment later, "Where's Jo?"

"She, uh . . ." Sam made a gesture with his left hand, since the right was in a cast. "She got . . . ghost-napped."

Ellen called, and Dean was forced to admit that Jo had been captured. She was livid, and said she and the baby would be on the next flight out.

Hours later, after they'd rescued Jo and sealed the ghost of H.H. Holmes into his underground tomb for eternity--they couldn't salt and burn his corpse, as it was encased in a solid seven feet of cement--they picked up Ellen and the baby from the airport. With Sam and Jo in the back with the baby, and Ellen upfront between Anna and Dean, it was a long, awkward drive back to Nebraska.

Anna was inside the Roadhouse, changing Mariah's diaper, when she heard raised voices. Ellen wasn't in the main bar when she emerged, so Anna ventured outside, where she found the guys waiting.

"What was that about?" she asked.

"Nothin'," Dean muttered. "Let's go."

They headed back east, deciding it'd be wise to stay out of Ellen's hair for a while, if not for good. Sunday found them in Baltimore, Maryland, where the guys somehow managed to stumble onto a case.

"I'm Mulder," Dean said, in an attempt to end his discussion with Sam. "You're a red-headed woman."

Anna, who'd only been vaguely paying attention, said, "So, does that mean you and Sam are doing naughty things behind my back?"

Two pairs of green eyes turned her way.

". . . What?" Dean asked.

"Mulder and Scully," she said. "Seventh season, they started having sex. Scully got pregnant. Then she gave William up for adoption in the ninth season."

Both guys were very, very quiet for a moment.

Anna picked up her hot chocolate to hide her grin. "So," she said. "In conclusion. Dean is Mulder. I'm Scully. Sam can be Skinner."

Later that night, after they'd checked into a motel, Anna went to a nearby grocery store with the baby, to get some needed supplies. The guys were going to check out the job they were on while she was out.

Carrying a plastic bag that held a package of baby diapers and related things, Anna climbed the stairs to their second-floor room, humming to herself. She'd considered taking the baby in a sling to the store, but hadn't, so her arm was a little on the tired side. Fishing her room key out, she paused at their door.

"Okay, honey, here we are. Let's hope Daddy and Uncle Sammy are back-" Anna cut off abruptly when the door swung open, bumped by the baby carrier.

The lock was splintered out of the door, and the interior of the room was dark. She cursed herself for not bringing a weapon when she'd left. But the room turned out to be empty when she flipped the light on.

Everything had been ransacked: the diaper bag she'd left on the bed, her clothes, Dean's, Sam's. The weapons bags were in the car, so those weren't strewn about, just about the only fortunate thing.

Anna set the baby on the bed. "Dean? Sam?"

There was no answer, but she had known that there wouldn't be. She checked the bathroom; toiletries were scattered, in the sink, on the floor, in the tub, but no one was in there. Sighing, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone to try Dean's number.

"This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency, leave a message. If you're calling about 11-2-83, please page me with your coordinates-"

Hanging up, she tried Sam's phone next. It, too, went to voicemail. "Hi, this is Sam. I can't answer the phone right now-"

She shut the phone and swore. Something had happened. Judging from the dent on the door, something had been used to bust it in.

"Okay," she said aloud. "Not good. First things first, pack up."

In twenty minutes, she had the bags packed, everything shoved randomly into two duffels and a suitcase. Her laptop and Sam's were still there, but she had no idea, what she was going to do, how she was going to get the stuff out, or where she could go. If it was just her, she wouldn't worry so much, but she had Mariah.

There was a knock at the door. She looked up to see the hotel manager. "Oh, um . . ."

"I need the money," he said. "Cash, not a credit card. An' you need to get out."

Her head swam with the rush of panic. "Wait. What's going on?"

"From what I heard, those guys with you got arrested." There was a gleeful twist to the man's mouth as he continued, "For murder. So unless you want me to call the cops so you can join 'em . . ."

"Got it. I'll be out in ten minutes. It'd be faster, but I have a baby and I need to call a cab."

Anna pulled out a $50 from her wallet and handed it to the man. He stuffed it in his pocket and waited while she called the cab.

Within an hour of coming back to this mess, Anna was in the back of a cab, counting up the money she could give the driver. Thank heavens Dean always made sure she had a stash, in case something happened.

"Where to, lady?" the cabbie asked.

"Just a minute." Anna dialled 411 and asked for the local police. She asked the nice officer where the impound yard was, because she knew that if Dean had been arrested, that was where the car would be, and she needed to get to the Impala. Once she had the directions, she gave them to the driver.

At the impound yard, they didn't want to give her the car.

"Look, lady, the car ain't in your name," the attendant said.

"But my name is on the insurance for it." Anna pushed another $50 towards him. "C'mon, it's December, it's really cold out here, and I've got a baby. I need that car."

The attendant, whose name tag said "Phil", eyed the money. "It's a hundred bucks to get the car out."

Anna sighed. "Fine."

She put the cash on the counter. He pocketed all $150 and grabbed his keys.

Anna followed him to the Impala. He looked up at the security camera that was scanning the lot.

"One more thing. You want this car, pretty lady . . ." He reached for his zipper.

Somehow, Anna was not surprised. She set the baby carrier on the ground, well clear of Phil. "I just want the car," she stated.

"Hey, that was the impound fee. This'll get the car off the lot." He had it out now, and Anna was far from impressed. Of course, laughing probably wouldn't have been a good idea.

She looked for herself to see where the camera was. They were on the opposite side of the car from it, so if she got Phil out of view . . .

She had no intention of actually giving in to the guy. The very thought made her want to vomit. But she need to to play along, until she got him vulnerable.

"How do you want it?" she asked, pitching her tone low, giving him her best sultry look, trying not to imagine Dean's face if he knew what lengths she was going to, to get his car.

"On your knees."

Perfect! Anna was grateful for her jeans as she knelt on the cold, wet cement. Phil the weasel braced a hand on the car. If Dean knew this guy was feeling up his car and intending to bone his wife, Phil would be dead already.

She smirked a moment before she grabbed both of his ankles and yanked his feet out from under him. He went down with a yelp. Before he could lash out, Anna grabbed his ponytail and slammed his head into the car's bumper. Rage gave her the strength to do it again, and once more.

Anna let him fall, unconscious, to the ground. Breathing hard, she fished the money out of his pocket, along with the key to the boot on the car's left front tire.

She loaded Mariah into the car first, then the bags. Rolling the attendant out of the way, she got into the car and started it.

Anna pulled the car up to the gate and tossed the keys into the attendant's booth. Leather gloves were a wonderful thing; they kept her fingerprints out of the entire place.

Some of the hard ball of panic in the pit of her stomach had eased. She had the car and the weapons cache. John's journal, too. Now she just needed to figure out why the guys had been arrested.

"Okay, so Mommy's technically a criminal now," she said to the baby in the backseat. "I so hope you don't have to grow up doing this."

She pulled into the lot of a convenience store and parked by the pay phones. Anna kept an eye on the car and the baby while she got out to look in the phone book for motels. She was reaching for it when her cell phone burst out with the "Superman" theme, her default ring when it wasn't coming from Sam's phone or Dean's.

Cautiously, she answered. "Hello?"


It was Sam. Anna nearly slumped against the wall. "Sam, where are you?"

"I'm . . . at a payphone on the south side of the University of Maryland campus. Where are you?"

Anna snorted softly. "I think I'm about four blocks from you. I've got the car. Stay there, I'll come get you."

[User Picture]From: tvmaniac2006
2008-04-30 12:48 am (UTC)
YAY Update!!! I can't express the joy I feel seeing an update to this amazing story. I loved this chapter, I have really missed Dean/Anna. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jainadurron
2008-04-30 01:11 am (UTC)
Thank you! I realised today that I haven't updated in almost exactly a year, so I checked to see and lo and behold, I actually had a chapter finished that I didn't post.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: tvmaniac2006
2008-04-30 02:37 am (UTC)
Wow, a year....I knew it had been long, but not THAT long, lol!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cutedevil666
2008-05-01 12:10 am (UTC)
YES! A new chapter! This is so exciting- *reads*

So glad to have this fic back, amazing as always. I loved Annas whole sneaky trick there to get the Impala, Dean would probably be pleased :P

Can't wait for more!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jainadurron
2008-05-01 12:22 am (UTC)
:D I'm excited to have posted it!

I have misplaced the notebook that the second half of the next chapter is in, so it'll be a bit before I update, but there are only about . . . two more chapters in this one? I'll be doing some episode skipping and shorter 'fics in future so that I don't get hung up on one episode that my muse hates. Heh.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: haitchem
2008-05-06 10:17 am (UTC)
hello, I just joined this comm as I love these stories, but when I try to click on the castles crumble and crossroads links to catch up I keep getting a 'you are not permitted to view these on this server' message. How can I get to these previous posts?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jainadurron
2008-05-06 07:16 pm (UTC)
My apologies! That's because I locked my journal a little over a year ago and haven't yet gone back and unlocked those 70+ posts. You can read those stories in their unabridged forms over at Just Like The Rifle. It'll require registration due to the stories' ratings, but it's quick and free.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sophie_louise87
2008-11-12 10:58 pm (UTC)
I miss this story, I love it!
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